Hi Everyone,

We are in the planning stage for 2008 and there is no shortage of ideas and energy. Look for new things like a FOX FIVE K, Packer workouts, road-trips, a new TRI 101, specific TRI FOX certified coaches, another night of club bike rides and more!!!

We are about to start our indoor Computrainer Biking League at the Recyclist in Kaukauna (look on our news page for more info or call 759-1200)  You can form your own team and start riding!

For those of you who were unable to attend our meeting on Sunday, the response to the new website was overwhelmingly positive. 

If you weren't there or if you have not looked at our new site, let's walk through what it's all about:  www.foxtriclub.com

The whole premise is that our website will be a living document...changing as we change, reflecting late breaking news, mirroring our mission and vision about being the leaders in providing information while being fun and emphasizing our TRI FOX camaraderie!  With special thanks to Chris Froze, Becky Tomlinson, and Rich Szymanski, we have achieved our dreams....

examples of what you will find:

Home page:  

the "header" is a collage of us...it is about us as a group.  There is a "news crawl" that will update late news...if the weather looks iffy on a Tuesday, just go to the website and that "crawl" will tell you if the ride is on or not.....we can use that crawl to remind members about other special events, projects, clothing pick-up, happy birthdays and other milestones, and announcements.

The featured TRI FOX will change EVERY single week...a new member every week!

The FOX FORUM is really cool...if you want to look at what other members are saying about a variety of topics, this is your place to be....if you are looking to hook up with others for a run, post a message....the more we use it, the more it will become the preferred way to hook up for training sessions.

News page:

WOW..we have tons of content..great triathlon links, nutrition advise from the official Ironman Nutritionist Jennifer Hutchison (who happens to actually be a Florida Tri Fox), and COACHES CORNER where we have Tri Fox certified coaches who will be writing regular articles and answering frequently asked questions...and so so much more....you can even find a cool link that will map exactly how far you swam or ran.  Meeting minutes will be there for review, a featured article, classifieds and friends of the club.


membership info and fotos of TRI FOXES hanging together


All of your FOX FOTOS presented in a creative way...and you can actually watch our entire 2006 DVD..that is pretty cool!


We have new gear available this year (different than our biking clothes)...pictures of what is available with information about how to order...

Eagle Graphics in Kaukauna is our clothing source and they are more than willing to custom make anything you want..if you want something different or if you want your own gear personalized Eagle will do it for you....please take a look at the cool stuff and place your order.

By the way...the club plans to "stock" our traditional t-shirts, sweatshirts, and FOX SOX...available at the Aurora office and at our meetings.


Names and emails 


Go to the site everyday....make it one of your favorites ...watch for frequent updates....and please remember that we are not done...this is a living document with loyal and committed TRI FOXES working hard to keep it fresh and new!


As always, we encourage all members to participate ...join a committee, volunteer your expertise, plan an event, log onto FOX FORUM!