Hi everyone...we have so many neat things planned for our next 2 meetings and well into lets get going!


1. November 4th...4pm..Appleton YMCA..Dr. Mike Pierson's talk will be "HIGH TECH TOOLS FOR THE EVERYDAY TRIATHLETE"..Training with power and physiologic testing.....Mike is really an expert on this and we know this  will become an important part of your knowledge base.

Of course, there will be coffee and treats.

Dawn and Midwestsports Events will present a short DVD about our races....and lots of other cool stuff!


2. December 2nd...this will be our end of year party, premier of our DVD (by the way, from what we've seen so far----award winning, again!), lots of giveaways from the "Friends of the Club", food, awards, and fun fun fun....if you only make one meeting this year, this is the one!


3. TRI 101...The Tri Foxes are committed to welcoming brand new triathletes into our sport...our TRI 101 has been wildly successful the past few years....this year we are really thinking about expanding the one night class to Oshkosh and again in Green Bay.  We will have a planning meeting for TRI 101 in early December...everyone is invited to come to the planning meeting and we encourage everyone to participate in TRI 101...look for the planning session to occur about December 4th or 5th at a restaurant in Appleton...more info to follow.


4. 2008.....The Fox Cities Triathlon Club has great ideas as we approach the new year...we are in the process of putting together our speaker topics for our monthly meetings...we always look for interesting and different kinds of information....we plan to have Mark Lovat, the strength coach for the Packers, lead us in a stretching clinic...we had him on Super Bowl Sunday and he was great...we all got on the floor and became pretzels!

We are going to have a nutrition speaker and a very unique presentation about the history of triathlon.

What about events in 2008?  How about a FOX 5K, how about more group swims, how about "running the swim" (which didn't work last year because there was no ice), how about a golf outing, how about more "newbie rides and swims", and how about expanding our meetings and our weekly summer rides to areas other than the "heart of the valley", how about a weekly ride in Green Bay or maybe in Oshkosh?

In order to be more inclusive of our Green Bay TRI FOXES (and that is a big number), it is only fair that we host a meeting this winter in Green Bay...Cheri Ellenbecker has taken the lead and will plan an interesting topic and we will have the meeting at TITLETOWN BREWERY...burgers, brews, and pizza?

In order to pull these things off, we need all of you!  We need people to take charge, to volunteer, to offer help, to bake cookies, to imagine and to dream...we need the help of all TRI FOXES.



Our new website has become quite a success with almost 3700 hits as this blast is being written.  We have new stuff almost daily.  We have a new featured triathlete every single week and new articles all the time.  We now even have a "Magic 8 ball"..the news crawl has late breaking info and our "counter" is closing in on our 700th member.  Please look on the gear page and buy some cool new clothes and if you have not watched our 2006 DVD, please take 16 minutes of your day to watch a very fabulous presentation (on the gallery page).

The FOX FORUM is very popular with questions and announcements on a variety of topics..the forum is easy to use.

We even have a "classified" section with items for sale.

Our goal was to make the site a living and dynamic instrument and so far so good!


6.. Roller Derby?

Our 2006 Rookie of the Year, Janel Scott would like to offer something quite different to our Female Foxes...maybe it could be considered "cross training".

Fox Cities Foxz Roller Derby Team wants you!

The Foxes are looking for women of all shapes and sizes

We will be having open practices to allow potential roller derby recruits to test out your wheels!

The only requirements are:  you need to be 21 or older and female!

If you think you might be interested in playing roller derby nows the time to come see what you're made of.
Stop by one of our practices...

Practices in October are:

Tuesday 8:30-10:30 @ Gem Roller Rink 734-2123

Wednesday 4:45-6:30 @ Skaters Edge 733-2123

Sunday 6:00-8:00pm GEM Roller Rink


For more info visit www.myspace/foxcityfoxz or contact Wring lEader

(Delonna Kaufman) at 920-426-9812