1. Wetsuits, bike pumps, fuel belts, clothes, gift certificates, bike fittings, computrainer time, pizza, coffee, FUZZY FOX AWARDS and the DVD...some of the things to win and things to see at our end of year party this Sunday the 2nd at 4pm at the Y...come early...wear your colors and see if you go home with some cool stuff.....and don't forget our new and free (this Sunday only) car window decals!


2. USAT competition: from Amy Henning at

USAT National Challenge Competition:

USAT is hosting it second annual National Challenge Competition (NCC).

"As the days get shorter, the weather gets colder, bikes become one with trainers, and relationships with treadmills are rekindled..." "As crazy as triathletes are, even the winter months can deter many triathletes from training and competing.  USAT will stop at nothing to foster that competitive edge year round."

The NCC is a 3 month competition allowing triathlon clubs across the US to compete against one another during the off months.  Dec will focus on swimming, Jan on cycling, and Feb running.  Each club will keep track of the miles they train for each event and the club with the most miles wins the prize.  There are various other awards as well.  Competition starts Dec. 2, 2007


Keep track of your miles..Amy will explain more at the meeting this Sunday


3. TRI 101

please join us on Dec 4th..Tuesday night at 7-pm at the Uno's in Appleton (corner of CE and 441, in front of Lowes) for a burger/pizza and to help plan our 2008 TRI 101.  We need everyone's input, rookie and veteran!  Please come, we have room for 45 peeps!



The clothing committee is planning to start taking orders for our 2008 technical clothing, but they need your input.  Louis Garneau is changing their fabric and addition, there have been some problems with their quality control, so it is time to decide where to get our next order from...please go to our website and fill in the survey


5. Noodleini volunteers....thank you!

A special thanks to the FOXES who stood in the cold and wind!  Becky Tomlinson, Nate Carrol, Sarah Novak, and Jessica Palza! And of course, thanks to Gloria and Dawn for hosting another successful event!


see you Sunday!