Hi everyone, it is time to order your TRI FOX gear for 2008...we have some really exciting new pieces for 2008.  Each item has a "minimum number" we must meet (usually 16 pieces)....we have decided to stick with Louis Garneau to supply our clothes because they have a wider selection and their minimums are less than our previous supplier. A 'fit kit" will be at the Aurora Clinic in Kaukauna starting on Friday 1/18/07 and we will have it for 3 weeks only. The kit will have samples in all the sizes (mens and womens) for you to try on.

The order has to be sent to Louis Garneau by the end of February so that our clothing can be delivered by mid May (can take up to 10 weeks)....that means you MUST order now...do not delay...this is our once a year order..this is your only chance to get your technical clothing and helmets (helmets have had a drastic price drop!!). We will have pictures and order forms on our website within a week, but you can order before that by sending a check to Jaynie Cherkasky...you must send the full amount (we still have people who owe us from last year...about $900!)....we are not accepting deposits..please send your checks to  430 Brill St, Kaukauna, WI 54130 (make them out to FCTC)...you can also log onto the Louis Garneau site and look at the items under the "custom clothing" section... 

NEW FOR 2008
1. one piece
TRI SUIT ..people have been asking for this and we think they are very cool...we need to order a minimum of 8..they are $134.75
long sleeved biking jerseys...great material..we will get lots of use from this in the spring and fall and cool summer mornings  $95.00..great for winter running and XC skiing, too!! (if we don't get a minimum of 16 on this and 16 on the sleeveless the price will be higher...$101.75)
Women's 2 piece swim suits (with padding for races)...minimum order # is 16 ($86.25)....
Racer Tops..these are the TRI TOPS we had last year, but the fabric is new and more breathable and they fit a bit differently than last year...$50.00
TRI SHORTS...again, the material has changed..try them on  $40.25
SLEEVELESS BIKE JERSEYS...$73.25 (if we get 16 orders of this and the long-sleeved jersey, the price for this will be $59.00)
7. HELMETS...same as last year but the price has dropped dramatically...$76.30...everyone who has one just loves them and they look really really cool!  They were more expensive last year because there was the initial set up charge and LG is also passing on a price drop from the facory.
BRA...$34.50  we need an order of 16 to get these
JERSEYS....this is a staple item every TRI FOX should own!  $55.00
JACKETS....another item every FOX should have.... $73.25
BIKING SHORTS....comfy and cozy!  $55.50

Call Jaynie if you have questions  766-3232