SATURDAY JANUARY 19TH...Club meeting at Homestead Meadows...xc skiing, snowshoeing, and running all begin at 10am (bring your equipment)..Cocoa and treats...Hayrides...bring the family...meeting starts at noon..."25 years of Triathlon--lessons learned"...wetsuit giveaway.....for directions, go to just a few minutes from the Appleton airport! DRESS WARM!!!!!

TECHNICAL CLOTHING..ORDER NOW...Info on the website...we will have a "fit kit" with all the sizes at our meeting this Saturday, and at the Aurora Clinic for the next 3 weeks...find out what size is best for you...

We have new styles this year including: 1 piece TRI SUIT, women's swim suits, sleeveless and long sleeved biking jerseys.......and our helmets, tri tops and tri shorts, short sleeved biking jerseys, biking shorts, bras, and jackets!!
We must meet certain "minimums" to be able to get these items...please order now!!
THIS WILL BE OUR ONLY ORDER IN 2008...order now or be left out...wear our colors at all the events and races!

THE SPIRIT OF THE MARATHON at the Regal Cinema at 7pm January tickets ahead!

FEBRUARY 10TH AT LAMBEAU FIELD...exercise with the Packers...ride your bike at the stadium....details to follow, but plan to be there and stay for dinner at Curly's!! GO PACK GO GO FOXES GO!!!!!!!
(our heartfelt thanks to an anonymous TRI FOX who has donated the money for the Bart Starr room)