Great stuff ahead for the club...let's start with our monthly meeting on the 16th..
March 16th...4pm....Appleton YMCA...BREAKING PARADIGMS by Luis Alvarez....his presentation will "speak" to all of us whether you are a newbie or a seasoned vet!
Luis is coming all the way from Mexico City (no joke!)...he has an amazing ex- smoker and couch enchilada, he is now a world record holder.  He is the only person in the world to have raced in all IRONMAN events worldwide and in 2003 was crowned as the most fit CEO Ironman in the world. He is the founder and CEO of Ironmex, the largest Ironman team in the world with over 3000 members in 14 countries....and if that is not enough, he is also a sought after motivational  speaker...some of his venues have included Gatorade, Xerox, Kimberly Clark Mexico, and the Israeli Sports Club of Mexico (who knew there were Jews south of the border?)...and, even more...he loves EXTREME sports...hang gliding and other nutty stuff!
We are really appreciative and proud that Mr. Alvarez, simply out of the goodness of his heart and the love of our sport, has agreed to come to our March meeting!  Please come and show him that IRONMEX has stiff competition north of the border!  This will be fun and of course there will be coffee and snack items!  We will also have our NEW ORDER of hooded sweatshirts and t-shirts available, along with other TRI FOX merchandise!
Don't forget our beginner spin this Friday the 7th from 6-7 at the Downtown Appleton YMCA and this Sunday's spin at the Green Bay Y on the 9th at 10am.... and the first of four beginner swim sessions this Saturday from 2-3 also at the Appleton Y.  This Saturday swim is full, but the next three sessions have openings!  If you are signed up for spin, please remember to dress comfortably (it is hot in the room) and bring a water bottle.  Swimmers remember to bring goggles-----speedos are OPTIONAL:)  So get out there, get started, saddle up and jump in!!! THE TRIATHLON SEASON IS ALMOST UPON US!
Happy Spin
to sign up or ask questions, contact kelly at or Cheri (Green Bay) at

FOX 5K....
Plans are well underway for our first ever FOX sure to go to our website and enter our "name the race" contest..we need a catchy name...the race will take place at 8am on the 4th of July...we are having a planning session prior to the club meeting on March 16th...please help out...please attend the committee meeting at 2pm in the Harwood Room at the Y....we need your expertise and support to make this a success!!! EVERY TRI FOX is welcome! Questions?  or
swaying palm trees, undulating waves, crashing surf, tropical drinks...can you feel the sand in your toes??
Come to the first ever TRI FOX HAWAIIAN party on Saturday night March 22nd from 6-8pm at the Heart of the Valley YMCA in Kimberly...bring your best Hawaiian clothes, swim suit, and "hula spirit"!  This will be fun...pool games, music, drinks with little umbrellas....please bring an appetizer to pass....bring your honey (no kids please).
Our order is finished....we should look for our gear to arrive in early May!!

due to some technical incompetence, we used a "yellow" in our last email blast to thank all those who helped make TRI 101 a success....we won't do that again .. it was too hard to read the, here we go again:

 kelly jansen, katy sirovatka,  renne richards-groff, nate carroll, james blaskowski, amy henning, kathy head, kari sturtevant, mike pierson, lee simril, mike schmidt, patti yaeger, the recyclist, pete emerson, tim lahti, jill anderson, bill pratt, brian mcwilliams, dave martin (#700), deb ernst, megan and drew hermann, mark szczepanik, becky tomlinson, mark conway, peter victor, barbara smith, bingo, ann keller, cheri ellenbecker, craig schultz, daryl yunk, tom peterson, glenn ostrom, dawn ver haagh, gus zubka, gloria west, steve bernhardt, and don keddell..WHEW!!!!


Our website is always a source for new information...please use the forum to see what everyone is up to...look at the FOX FOTOS, training info on the news page...and frequently changing the biking and outdoor swim season approaches, the "news crawl" will announce if there has to be a cancellation due to weather.

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