Hello Tri Foxes,

We are looking for some TRI FOXES to help at the Paper Discovery Duathlon next weekend..we need a couple of people to help with registration and a couple of people to help with a TRI FOX table...hand out brochures and sell some clothes etc.

We also need a few FOXES to help man a TRI FOX booth at the Green Bay Marathon expo on either Friday (16th) or Saturday (17th).  We need people for 4-6 or 6-8pm on Friday and from 10-12, 12-2, 2-4 or 4-6 on Saturday.

Please email Kelly, our volunteer goddess, if you can help with either of the above needs!  kjansen9@new.rr.com  Thank you!!

We have an excellent core group of FOXES who have volunteered their time and expertise and things are coming together beautifully.
It is our goal to put on a first class race and showcase our club while at the same time raising funds that will help us with our projects and activities well into the future. 

The City of Kaukauna has stepped up in a very big way...they have provided the city planner to help us with anything we need...the city will provide police protection, banners, city workers to clean the course and move equipment, porta potties, and of course the area behind the library in the downtown area.

We have great food planned for the finish, including: pizza, coffee, bagels, ice cream, homemade apple pies, cheese, peanut butter, and more. Every finisher will get an American flag!!!  

Our brochures and posters are FABULOUS...if you have a spot for a poster at work and can post it, please let us know.  You will see them at the local Y's, running stores, Starbucks, bike shops, and sponsor businesses. Please let us know if you have a target audience and can distribute a few brochures.

We have a band hired and ...wait for it.....SKYDIVERS!!! That's right..RED WHITE AND BLUE smoke coming down from 10,000 feet in the air!!! And how about a FOX FLAG, too!!!  It will be a memorable pre-race sight!! Let's hope for great weather! We do have a 30' X 60' tent just in case.

The course distance will be USAT certified and we will have water along the way.

We are getting our goodie bag giveaways lined up and our registration forms are on our website and on active.com.
Whew!!  We have done so much already but we have a bazillion details still to discover and take care of.

We do need you to bake apple pies and we are going to need some bodies to help set up on July 3rd. Please email Kelly at kjansen9@new.rr.com to volunteer your pie and/or your time!

And one last thing...please register now...it will help our planning if we get an idea of the number of racers as early as possible...please talk to your friends and neighbors..this is a run/walk and we encourage families!

Oh, and if you can't be present on the 4th, why not do a "ghost registration"...either send in a check or your application marked as a donation (remember, we are a tax exempt charitable organization)...this race and our golf outing in September are our primary fundraisers....please participate or contribute if you can't share the day with us!!! 

The following is a list of jobs we will need help with:
*man water station 8-8:30am
*bake apple pies  we need lots of pies!!
*help with set up 6-8am race day and set up on July 3rd
*help with clean up 10-12pm
*man corners during race 8-9am
*help in food tent 7-10am
*help stuff goody bags week prior to race
*help with registration 6-8am
*help with timing 7-9am
*help with finish line distribution of flags/goodies 8-9am
Once again, please email Kelly, our volunteer goddess, if you can help with any of our needs!  kjansen9@new.rr.com  Thank you!!