Hello TRI FOXES, especially our newest triathletes, May 2, 2008

This Monday marks the start of our 2nd annual NEWBIE NIGHTS on the BIKE! Aside from our Tuesday and Thursday club rides, this Monday the 5th of May and the following Monday on the 12th, are JUST FOR YOU!.....The weather forecast looks like it will cooperate and we have several experienced TRI FOXES who will be there to help answer questions and ride with you. All you need to do is show up at the Aurora Clinic in Kaukauna on the corner of CE and 55 well in advance of our 6pm departure time.

We will go over the basics of group riding, simple bike handling techniques, and whatever else you might want to know.

We ask that you dress for the weather (light gloves, long sleeves, and head/ear covers might not be a bad idea if the temps are in the 50's). Water or an energy drink would be a good idea, too.

We will ride at a comfortable 12-15mph pace and the distance will be about 15 miles, but please be assured that NO ONE will get dropped or left behind....we will try to stay together as a group, but if you want to go faster or slower you will have a TRI FOX with you!!

Please take time this weekend to make sure you have the proper equipment...i.e. a helmet that fits!! You will not be allowed to ride with us without a helmet. Please make sure your tires are pumped up (you really need to check the pressure before every ride, not just once a season...it is so much easier to ride with fully inflated tires!!).... and bring a fun and exciting attitude...

The FOX CITIES TRIATHLON CLUB is committed to helping every triathlete reach their own goals and dreams.

We will see you there on Monday the 5th and Monday the 12th...try to get there early!

We also invite the Newbies and all TRI FOXES to participate in our runs and everything else we offer...our website has an excellent calendar that lists times and dates and we have many wonderful FOXES who have volunteered their time and passion to make these events a success...for that we are very appreciative!

If the weather looks "iffy" for any of our club events, always check the "news crawl" on the website....if an event has to be changed or cancelled, that information will be on the news crawl by 4pm for a 6pm ride or early early in the morning before other morning training events.

And one last note, all of our events are strictly done at your own risk. We respectfully ask all TRI FOXES and others who participate with us to obey ALL traffic laws, not to litter, to represent the club honorably, to make sure your equipment is a-ok, and that your health is appropriate for participation.
AND..sign up today( we have to order t-shirts) for the FOX FIRECRACKER 5K on the 4th of July...SKYDIVERS, bike giveaway, flags, apple pie, live music, certified course..TRI FOX PATRIOTIC FUN!! Sign up online at or print out the form and mail it in.