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The Fox Cities Triathlon Club,
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Legal Conditions

The Fox Cities Triathlon Club encourages all members to maintain good health and safe training and racing methods.  As with any kind of activity your physician’s approval is suggested.  All events and training sessions are "at your own risk."  Please obey all traffic laws.  And please always represent our club and community with dignity and respect.

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Friends Statement

The Fox Cities Triathlon Club is not for profit.  Whatever funds that come our way through clothing sales, fundraising, or charitable contributions are put right back into our  treasury and used for events, speakers, this website, and other needs of the club.  

We are NOT "sponsored" by anyone nor by any group or business.  We have always cherished our independence and we do not want to be "obligated" to a sponsor or sponsors.  That is why you will never see any logos on our clothing other than our own.  We believe this makes the TRI FOXES unique and free to have many "friends".

In order to be considered as a "Friend of the Foxes" that individual business or company must meet some requirements.  First and foremost,  
they must understand that we are not a conduit for advertisement for  
anyone. Secondly, we ask that in order to become a "Friend" there must be something of benefit for our members that is not available to the general public, and in turn that "Friend" is linked on our site and our members are encouraged to visit them. For example, a local coffee shop provides free coffee for our monthly meetings, a local photography shop takes our annual FOX FOTO and gives us a discount on our DVD's, a bike company supports us during our tri season and  
offers special pricing for us, a wetsuit company offers us a discount and a free wetsuit when "x" amount are sold within the club, etc.

We will strive to bring "new friends" on board while continuing our relationships with "old friends" who meet the needs and interests of  the Fox Cities Triathlon Club.

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