Fox Cities Triathlon Club

Ice Bowl Notes

Sunday, February 10th, 2008

Lambeau Field, GreenBay

It was a great turn out Sunday in Lambeau Field! A huge group of Foxes set up trainers for a ride in Lambeau, led by our own Don K. and Wendy H. It was complete with trivia, music, and even a few local news channels were there!

As the bike was going on, some Fox Tri’s were also improving there swim at Edison Pool Swim Clinic by PR Tri Coach’s. This was the first of a three week session. We learned and practiced some drills needed for fast and efficient freestyle swimming (demonstrated by Brenda) under water camera’s taped swimmers, and practiced those drills, practiced flip turns, did I mention drills? It was great!!

Then we joined the rest of the foxes for a social in SKYBOX #4035!! That was a first for me…what a view, great to see so many foxes again. We headed outdoors for our annual Fox Foto.

Then our featured attraction: Brandon Johnson of the Packers, (Strengh Training Coach) showed us some Movement Prep, Prehab and CORE moves to keep us healthy and injury free. An e-mail with demonstrations will follow. Thank You to the Fox who graciously donated the funds for our workout room.

Wet Suit & Massage drawings were held.

Order your technical gear soon, time is running out and we need to meet minimum orders!!! Fit Kits at Aurora.

Wednesday evening Foxes On the Run!! Beginning Wednesday, March 5th and continuing into fall. Meet at Ballard Park n ride along Apple Creek Trail. This is for newbies, oldies, and anyone!! No one will be left behind, so put on your running shoes and have some fun meeting people, gain some running tips, and train for whatever your goal is. Thanks to Darrell Yunk for organizing this new event!!

TRI 101 is right around the corner: 2/19-Oshkosh Y 2/20- Appleton Y and 2/21 GreenBay Y. A HUGE THANKYOU TO OUR VOLUNTEER GROUP FOR THE HOURS THEY SPENT PLANNING THIS!! Anyone interested in trying a TRI is welcome to attend and learn about our sport.

This leads me into FIND A FOX! We would like to match up a newbie with a FOX to lend encouragement, share advice, just one e-mail a week to check in with them would be great! You only need to have completed a TRI to be a mentor. Drop Katy an e-mail at with a little information about yourself and she will set it up.

Aloha…Hawaiaan Themed Pool Party coming up March 22nd at Heart of the Valley YMCA! 6-8 p.m. (adults only please). There will be games, lap swimming, umbrella drinks. Bring an appetizer to pass and wear your best Aloha shirt, or coconut bra, etc.

Next Meeting at Appleton Y, Sunday, March 16th and our featured speaker will be Luis Alvarez, head of Ironmax, and also took 3rd place in the very first Ironman.

Respectfully Submitted

Julie Hintz